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New Holiday items

In the last Maxis Monthly of the year, SimGuruKate previewed some of the new Holiday items coming up in a free pack.

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The Quinn Café 

 This old structure was the home to a theatre in the silver age of Sims cinema. However, after the nectar prohibition, the owners became bankrupt, and it was closed for years. It lay derelict and close to being demolished when a group dedicated to preserving historical architecture managed to meet fundraising goals with it’s “Save the Quinn” campaign.  


The Gen 3 family portrait

The Gen 3 family portrait for my Legacy page.  :D

Does the mildly terrifying bear costume come in teen/adult sizes?

Yes they do! If you have Parenthood, parents can dress up with their kids. D:   And also available in teen/adult sizes in CAS. Look for the fruit bear costume!  Originally asked on my tumblr

Jocelyn grew up!

She aspires to be a Popular, World-famous celebrityTraits – Clumsy and Athletic Stuff breaks around her, but she’s trying to be positive.

Some more gameplay and legacy screenshots from my Sims 4 game

Sim Builds and custom content finds

Sims Builds from the Community

The Sims has fostered a community full of wonderful, creative players. This space will be dedicated to their builds and other content.


Tour of the Bay Forest House

Every so often, I’ll post a video. This category will highlight any new ones I’ve created. Check out my Youtube channel here.

Update 2018-12-14:  The site is now as ready as it will get. In other words, I’ve stopped working on it so I can actually relax and play my game. 
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