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Holiday Pack Updates

The latest patch has arrived which brings seasonal appropriate items to the Sims.  These include comfy knitted sweaters, some DIY craftsy type of decor and candle lighting, and an awesome yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot costume.  

Latest Build

Palm Garden Apartments

I wished that Del Sol Valley would include some new City Living style apartments. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case, so I built one for Mirage Park. The apartment building includes a fully decorated 2 bedroom suite on the second floor. But just because your Sims live in a small space, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy big lot living.


A Holiday Break

Hello folks, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas! On this, the wonderful and much celebrated Boxing Day of 2018, I hope you’re all spending it giving alms to the poor and presenting Christmas boxes to your employees and

Night club preview

Screenshots from a build I’ve been working on-and-off for a while. I wanted to build a modern night club in a gaudy, old-Hollywood style building. 

Building a dream vacation spot

One of my dream vacations, no lie, is to just hang out in a proper, luxury winter chalet and just stay indoors, by a roaring fire, watching the snow fall outside.  

Some more gameplay and legacy screenshots from my Sims 4 game

Sim Builds and custom content finds

Featured Build: The Modern Winter Lodge by LoveSimplySim

Build features from the community: Featuring the luxurious “Modern Winter Lodge” by LoveSimplySim.


Tour of the Bay Forest House

Every so often, I’ll post a video. This category will highlight any new ones I’ve created. Check out my Youtube channel here.

Update 2018-12-14:  The site is now as ready as it will get. In other words, I’ve stopped working on it so I can actually relax and play my game. 
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