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Game Pack Trailer – Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

What’s this? News on my Sims News blog? (sorry about that, slight issue with a pandemic and 2020 in general). Is this … Sims? Is this EA milking the Star Wars franchise even more? Well of course it is, but will the Sims fans enjoy it? It looks good, I’ll give it that. My reaction at first blush: Don’t get me wrong, I’m intrigued, it’s interesting, but it still doesn’t feel like the Sims to me. Sorry team.

Latest Build

The Acorn Mills Restaurant

A quaint, yet sophisticated restaurant established in a former grist mill. Exposed beams, creaky reclaimed wood floors and DIY floral decor add to the city-folk-goes-to-the-country-for-brunch kind of vibe. Who cares how the food tastes when you have all this Simstagramable ambience!

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