82 East River Street

Zone type: Apartment
Size3×2 (2 levels, 5 apartments)
Price: ??
custom content: see CC list below
EP/SP requiredall


Made for a Foundation Challenge a while ago. It’s actually become one of my favourite apartments in my hood, so I fixed this up a bit so I could share it.

Credit to Remisims for the foundation. There is a version loaded with CC, and a version without CC. I do very much recommend downloading the non CC version. Download link at the bottom of this post! Mind the notes!

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Waterside Condo

Waterside Condominiums
zone type: apartment
size: 3×5
rent: §1883 to §5488
apartments: 7
amenities: cafe, art gallery, playground
custom content: windows by Tiggy027, windows by tbudgett


I was playing around with the game on my laptop one weekend and figured I’d start a project.  I wanted to try my hand at creating a modern townhouse/condominium community. The promenade and entrances are perpendicular to the main road (mostly so the apartments have a view of the water in my neighbourhood). There is a fake bakery/cafe with a stereo, bookcases and chess table and an art gallery on the promenade where your sophisticated Sims can socialize.



There are two buildings with 7 apartments. Some units are multi-level. Some are small 1 bedroom or studio units.  Each unit have their own private outdoor space, whether it’s a balconey or a backyard or both.  All rooms are fully furnished and decorated with Maxis objects. CC in screenshots are not included.  Feel free to decorate to your Sims style and taste. :)


More screenshots, info and download link below…

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503 Serverdown Rd.

503 Serverdown Rd.
zone type: apartment
size: 3×3
rent: §2884 to §7834 (holy crap, 8k rent LOL)
apartments: 4
amenities: pool, basketball court
custom content: windows by Tiggy027 @ MtS2, windows by fway @ mts2, Utility Poles by Cooldadx4 @ MtS2, walls by Kayleigh83, walls by ireland4brains @ MtS2


I’m constantly inspired by modern condominium architecture in various parts of my home city. I wanted more loft style condos for my Sims, and here’s the result:  503 Serverdown Rd… that’s the name of a road in SimTopi. I used to play Sims 2 when World of Warcraft servers were offline. Hence the oh-so-clever name. And I couldn’t actually think of real-estate-ish sounding names for this one, so this lot only gets an address.



This is the most custom content I’ve used in an upload. >.<  It is mostly build mode stuff though. I decided that  the aesthetics would be worth the extra bandwidth. All rooms, however, are furnished with Maxis objects. I figure most people re-decorate for their Sims styles, anyway.

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The Cassandra

The Cassandra
zone type: apartment
size: 2×2
rent: §1737-§3480
apartments: 4
amenities: party room and balconey
custom content:  walls and floors by Pixelhate, walls by Vaya Sims, Cemetary Fence by tbudgett @ mts2


A spooky old Victorian mansion that has been made into four apartments. Some of the apartments have already undergone some renovation. Some apartments still retain passages to old secret chambers.



Rent is relatively inexpensive. There are elevators and a top floor party room with a stereo and billiard table to socialize with your neighbours. The large balconey gives you a lovely view.

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