Tri-Var House

Zone type: Residential
Size: 3×3
Price: §47 549
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all


I’ve been playing the SSU greek houses for a while, and I was not really happy with them in their original state. So I made them over with elements from the later EPs/SPs. The Tri-Var got a little more structural change as it is a setting for my story.

I don’t really know if anyone would need these, but I am happy to share them. There is no CC, but they were built with all the expansion and stuff packs. They’re zoned as residential lots.  Of course, feel free to redecorate these to your heart’s content. :)

Download link at the bottom.

Update: alternative mediafire link included as well.

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Urele Oresha Cham House

Zone type: Residential
Size: 4×4
Price: §39 417
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all


The Urele-Oresha-Cham House

I didn’t do too much with the exterior of the place, it really is more of an update than a makeover. I didn’t do a lot to the structure itself. I adjusted some of the bedrooms and added a basement. Hopefully I made it look a little more like a  frat house.

Like the Tri-Var house, this is zoned as a residential and there is no CC.  Please feel free to do with it as you wish.

Updated: added alternative mediafire link!

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University – Art Center

Zone type: University community lot
Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
custom content: objects, windows (see CC list)
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)


Another community lot or set donated by the City of Simtopi to your neighbourhood.

I wanted an art school kind of set for the story (this lot featured in Chapter 10) so I built this and made it functional as a university community lot. Included should be all skill builders, as well as some arts and crafts hobby items. I’m really not sure what anyone else would do with a lot like this, but there was some interest in it, so here it is. :)

A lot of this was actually inspired by my alma mater, which  did have a great and varied technical art program.

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University Central (and bonus Soccer Field)

University Central
Zone type: University community lot
size: 4×5
price: n/a
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)
bonus: a soccer field!

I’ve had this lot in my game for quite some time,  and readers of my story may be familiar with it, so here it is available for download on the off chance anyone else would want it. :)

This is a community lot meant for University, though I think you might be able to adjust it for where ever you need it to be. At the time, I wanted a community lot that students could actually spend their entire semester in if they wanted to. All their needs can be taken care of here if they don’t mind never sleeping because they’re hopped up on espresso. I don’t know why you’d want to keep them here for that long, but just in case, they can survive and get their term papers and assignments done. ;)

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Maudlin Hollows

Maudlin Hollows
Zone: Community
Lot Size: 5×6
Price: n/a
Custom Content: Lots  (see CC list)


Near the edge of SimTopi is a forgotten old graveyard belonging to a derelict church abandoned many years before. Transients and curious adventurers have found their way here but they never stay too long.  Within these grounds, the restless ghosts of those who lie beneath the stones wander, playing out the memories of their lives and their deaths.  Other darker creatures have discovered this place  and have possibly made it their home.

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