Timothy Heights

Timothy Heights Apartments
Lot size: 4×2
Rent: under §2000
Apartments: 8
Amenities: Basketball court, billiard hall/bar, playground
Custom content: wallpapers by Pixelhate and Jasiuuu

*Utility poles shown in screenshots are not included. You may download them from here.



I made these apartments for lower income Sims (college grads, small families, retired elders)  that suited their situation but weren’t exactly miserable slums. The building, despite it’s appearance, encourages community activity. With 8 apartments, there will always be townies in your building to socialize with.

This apartment was originally for download from my Sims 2 Exchange.  I adjusted the decor for a more vintage, grungy interior.   Just like in real life, some apartments are nice, some are just crappy.

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The Pyper House dorms

Pyper House Dormitory
Lot Size: 2×3
Price: n/a
Dorms: 6
Custom Content: none


This is the dormitory that was the setting for the story of Elf and Clive. The idea of this dorm is that it was an old mansion that Sim State U has bought up and commissioned for inexpensive student housing. There are 6 dorms here. The lot is a little run down but at least you get free meals and plenty of space for your Sim students.



The dorm comes with a free pizza… which sort of has been sitting there since the last grad party. In fact, the place hasn’t really been looked after in a few months. I hope the new residents don’t mind a little work.

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Apple Park Condominiums .. renovated

The  Apple Park Condominiums.
Lot size: 3×3
Rent: §4815 to §5312
Apartments: 4
Amenities: Parkette with playground.
Custom content: none



Okay this is the fourth revision of these condos I’ve added to the web, and frankly I’m getting a little tired of this place, lol. :)

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Mortimer Avenue Condominiums

Lot size: 3×2
rent: under  §2000
apartments: 6
Amenities: indoor swimming pool, patio with grill, lounge area, restrooms
Custom content: none


Evening view

I built this modern building for my Sims that were graduating from college and needed an inexpensive place to live in town.   I had originally uploaded this to the Sims 2 site exchange but have since renovated with some improvements. I’ve added a lobby and a patio, an extra floor and a sixth suite.  I’ve also done a bit more decorating in each of the rooms rather than leave the furniture basic.

Each unit is a single bedroom apartment with a balconey. All units are generally similar in size and layout though the “b” units have slightly more square footage.  There are also solar panels on the rooftop for energy efficiency.


Daytime view (same building, different location)


Another night view

EP/SP needed: The Sims 2, Nightlife, University, Seasons, Freetime, Apartment Life, Mansions & Gardens, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Glamour Stuff, IKEA, H&M, Celebration, Family Fun Stuff

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Lots Available for Download

Since I got Apartment Life, I’ve been sort of obsessed with creating my custom urban gentrifying neighbourhood and filling it with historic looking buildings that have been restored to become modern condominiums.

I’m going to try to share my lots through this site and make them available for download. I’m always open to customize any of these lots, depending on my personal time, so leave a comment to make a request.

“Modern cube dwelling”

Seriously, I’m not good at naming my lots. I usually try to use street names, but then I find I’m not good at naming my streets either.  I come up with the lamest descriptions too, but I’m a visual person. I prefer the pictures.

So without further ado, I made this late last night just to see if I’m up to the challenge of building a fully furnished lot for under §20k.



One of my favourite blogs is Inhabitat.com The building is very much inspired by the eco-sustainable green architecture movement.  I tried to choose wall and floor textures that looked like recycled or sustainable materials, and we can pretend that fireplace uses low emission natural gas.  The solar panel from Mansions & Garden help offset the Sims energy costs as well.  I tried to do this under §20k, the starting amount for a single Sim or a couple.