The Goodie’s House (TS2)

Zone type
: Residential
Size: 2×2, 3 levels
Price: §126,974
custom content: none
Games required: The Sims 2all EPs/SPs


This lot was built with the Goodie family in mind for Maxis-Taste’s Dare #27.  3 storeys, 2 bedrooms,  fully decorated, no custom content and play-tested.  Enjoy!

For more pics of this house with lots of CC, visit my LJ.

Download link after the pic spam.

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Tri-Var House

Zone type: Residential
Size: 3×3
Price: §47 549
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all


I’ve been playing the SSU greek houses for a while, and I was not really happy with them in their original state. So I made them over with elements from the later EPs/SPs. The Tri-Var got a little more structural change as it is a setting for my story.

I don’t really know if anyone would need these, but I am happy to share them. There is no CC, but they were built with all the expansion and stuff packs. They’re zoned as residential lots.  Of course, feel free to redecorate these to your heart’s content. :)

Download link at the bottom.

Update: alternative mediafire link included as well.

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Urele Oresha Cham House

Zone type: Residential
Size: 4×4
Price: §39 417
custom content: none
EP/SP required: all


The Urele-Oresha-Cham House

I didn’t do too much with the exterior of the place, it really is more of an update than a makeover. I didn’t do a lot to the structure itself. I adjusted some of the bedrooms and added a basement. Hopefully I made it look a little more like a  frat house.

Like the Tri-Var house, this is zoned as a residential and there is no CC.  Please feel free to do with it as you wish.

Updated: added alternative mediafire link!

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The Asylum: A Pixel Trade BAN Rowhouse

The Asylum
Zone: Residential
Lot Size: 1×5 (custom lot size, see post)
Price: §89 095 (furnished), §43 579 (unfurnished)
Custom content: none


More screenshots at my Livejournal.

Another Lot built for Pixel Trade‘s “Build A Neighbourhood“. This one is for the Rowhouse mini-challenge, which was really neat to do. Even better when you start placing all the rowhouses together. :)

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The Red Modern

The Red Modern
Zone: Residential
Lot Size: 3×2
Price: §118 644 (furnished) / §40 214 (unfurnished)
Custom Content: none


I built this lot for the Pixel_trade community’s “Build a Neighbourhood” challenge, and it’s based loosely on an old lot of mine I already have in game.  This is a spacious, modern home fit for a fair sized family. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, (the master bedroom has an en-suite), a large open kitchen and dining room with plenty of room for family, guests and smustling.  More pics and download link below!

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