The Baird family for Download


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve finally packaged up the Gen 2 Bairds except for Craig Baird. Why no Craig? Because Craig, being the victim of First Born Syndrome is actually a clone of older brother Clive. I didn’t know about FBS when I was playing this family earlier. You can see from my stories that I’ve attempted to make him look as different from Clive as I could superficially. I will no doubt in the future upload his TS3 form though. :)

I have also included the Gen 3 Bairds , Jasmine and Cecilia as a bonus. ;)

The downloads are available below the cut.

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The Marlens for download


I’ve been holding off on this for a while because I normally don’t upload my Sims. I’ve had so much fun playing Generation 2 from my neighbourhood legacy that I thought I’d share if anyone is interested in them.

The downloads are available at my site. I’ll update with their detailed stats as soon as I load up the game.

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