Sentate Soho Skirt and Socks Edit (TS2)

I made a copypasta thing. I don’t even know if this has been already done (I did search!), I just wanted to try it for myself:  Sentate’s SoHo skirt with with converses, tights and socks by Jesstheex.

** Download it here **
 (files compressorized, properly labelled, mesh by Sentate included)

ETA: This is the first time I’ve ever shared bodyshop CC. Please, please, please let me know if anyone has any problems with these. Thank you! ^_^


The Goodie’s House (TS2)

Zone type
: Residential
Size: 2×2, 3 levels
Price: §126,974
custom content: none
Games required: The Sims 2all EPs/SPs


This lot was built with the Goodie family in mind for Maxis-Taste’s Dare #27.  3 storeys, 2 bedrooms,  fully decorated, no custom content and play-tested.  Enjoy!

For more pics of this house with lots of CC, visit my LJ.

Download link after the pic spam.

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82 East River Street

Zone type: Apartment
Size3×2 (2 levels, 5 apartments)
Price: ??
custom content: see CC list below
EP/SP requiredall


Made for a Foundation Challenge a while ago. It’s actually become one of my favourite apartments in my hood, so I fixed this up a bit so I could share it.

Credit to Remisims for the foundation. There is a version loaded with CC, and a version without CC. I do very much recommend downloading the non CC version. Download link at the bottom of this post! Mind the notes!

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Club Dante (makeover)

Zone type: Community
Size: 3×3 (3 levels)
Price: n/a
custom content: windows, doors
EP/SP required: all


“It’s time to burn the candle on both ends, because Club Dante is ready to burn your money in the flames of excitement! Groove to a sizzling beat, dine on burning hot food, and even watch some smokin’ hot TV in style at the club. Burn on!

Club Dante in Bluewater Village has undergone some significant renovations. (as seen in Chapter 34 of my story)

Club Divine is also owned by Malcolm Landgraab IV

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