Hello! If you’ve never been to this website before, you can treat it like a brand new site! But if by chance you’ve been following me since the Sims 2 days, you’ll notice it’s received a significant overhaul.  

Here’s an explanation of sorts on why I’ve relaunched this website: 

What’s my intent for this website then, if I’ll still be simblring? I plan on using it as my main blog with my simblr being a companion to this, very much a similar way that Twitter is.  Of course, it won’t behave like tumblr, in that this site may not be updated as frequently as a tumblr blog would. But what I’d like for it to become is where I will post and feature my builds.

In addition to my stuff, I’d like to start doing something I’ve always wanted to do: I wanted to have a section on my website to feature community finds, such  as stories and builds. I’d like to start hosting tours and talking about the community’s content, as well as discussing what’s new with the Sims franchise. 

Follow me on Tumblr and Twitter (simdaisies) for updates! If you’re on wordpress, follow http://sims.blackdaisies.com in your reader.  By all means, send me ideas on who or what to feature! 

Thank you for being here!

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