Every week I’ll be trying to feature a build I’ve come across that I’ve been inspired by for whatever reason.  If you have any recommendations for builds I should look at, please feel free to let me know!

Today we’re featuring LoveSimplySim’s  luxurious “Modern Winter Lodge”.  

I’m loving all the seasonal builds that are popping up around now. It’s the holidays so we’ve seen Gingerbread houses, Christmas cottages, suburban homes decked all out with holiday gear and winter resorts! Sim houses look so pretty in the snow!


This lot was built in Granite Falls, and is great as a vacation rental. However, it’s not out of place on the Island district in Windenburg, which is where I’ve placed it.

The 40×30 lot on the Island is a lovely, remote point. It backs out towards the seaside, so if your Sims are hanging out on the patio, they’re treated to a lovely view of the water. 

Build Features

The lot takes advantage of the terrain tools that were introduced in the patch leading up to Sims 4 Get Famous, and it’s done brilliantly!  It also looks great without the snow as well. 

The build also features elements such as the glass roofs as skylights, exposed beams and sunken floors.

Spacious sunken living room. I love the tall ceilings.


This entrance leads to the main living areas on the lower level.  

The design scheme is distinct modern-rustic design scheme. Your Sims can at least pretend to be living it up in a luxury ski chalet in the Alps.

Favourite space:

This lodge has plenty of areas where your Sims can congregate. This room to the right of the entrance has  open loft-type ceilings with exposed beams and a glass roof to let the light in.   Imagine blustery winter nights, the fireplace lit, curling up on the couch in this room,  with a good book and hot cocoa. 

Check out the “Modern Winter Lodge” in the gallery under EA ID “LoveSimplySim”.   You can also take a look at the speed build on Youtube here: [ link ]    

LoveSimplySim on instagram: 

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