Type: Residential House
Lot size: 30×30
Price Furnished: §82 664
Price Unfurnished: §47 455
Custom Content: None
Bedrooms: 3+1 (Guest room)
EPs Required: Ambitions, World Adventures, Late Night, Generations


Part of my  “One Level Project”, I gave myself a building challenge to create one level family homes for the City of Auberon.

The Blue Spruce House is a fully decorated Craftsman inspired bungalow, and  includes a guest room or in-law suite.  Families will enjoy the open concept living space, back yard barbecues, or simmering in the hot tub on warm summer evenings.




More pictures and download links below.







Floor Plans





Terms of Use:  Do not alter and claim as yours.  Don’t redistribute without my permission.  Play and customize in your own game to your heart’s content!

If you use this lot in your screenshots, please feel free to tag #simdaisies to let me know you’ve used it.  I love seeing what people do with these houses in their games.  Thank you! ^_^


Download at Mediafire

Sims3pack  |   Package 

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