Type: Residential House
Lot size: 40×40
Price Furnished/Unfurnished: §110 325 / §70 241
Custom Content: None
Bedrooms: 4
Built with EPs: Ambitions, World Adventures, Late Night, Generations, Seasons, Pets, Supernatural *

(no Supernatural content was used)


An addition to the “One Level Project”,  this lot is a follower gift for my Tumblr followers (thanks! ^_^)

Of course, this family home is a single level bungalow. It’s a bit larger than the other bungalows I’ve shared lately.  The Juniper Woods House is fully decorated, family and pet friendly.  This house includes 4 bedrooms, including the nursery,  a study den, two-car garage, a swimming pool and barbecue area.

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juniper-house_14 juniper-house_15

 Terms of Use: Do not alter and claim as your own.  Do not redistribute without my permission, this includes the Exchange. Please do play and customize in your own game as you will.

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