One of my dream vacations, no lie, is to just hang out in a proper, luxury winter chalet and just stay indoors, by a roaring fire, watching the snow fall outside.  

I took a lot of inspiration from various Alpine ski lodges and hot spring resorts and came up with this mid-century modern inspired build.  To make it work, I used the windows from Peacemaker-IC’s “Vaulted Ranch” set. 

Unfortunately, on testing, I ran into problems.  First of all, I noticed the steam in the pools from the steam grates seem to be behaving oddly.  The steam layer just flies up and away instead of sitting on the surface of the water. There goes my hope for the illusion of hot springs! 

Second seems to be a behaviour bug in the Sims.  I noticed that after turning CC off, the Sims  behave normally. But with CC on, the Sims couldn’t get to their food. They could get hungry, and start making food, but when it comes time to serve it, they t-pose and reset.  

After keeping CC enabled, but removing my entire mods folder, the problem still persisted.  The bug doesn’t seem to happen after adding this lot to another world, or even a different location in Granite Falls. 

The weird steam is an aesthetic issue, but if this problem persists in any of my lots, it’s a bit of a game breaker.

Video below shows the bug in action:

As a note, I’ve used a lot of cheats on this tester family. This is my build save, so maybe it’s corrupted somehow. I’ve already tried deleting my cache and repairing the game. I’ll keep testing it in different saves, but it may come to a point where I just offer this lot CC-free. :p 


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      Thank you! I think I saw that when trying to search for a solution. I’ve removed all my furniture and build mode stuff first. After that I removed all my CC, but didn’t turn off “enable custom content” and it was still giving me the same error. I have a feeling something’s corrupted. This is my testing Save file, so I use a lot of cheats.

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