I’ve been playing the Sims since the original game. When Sims 2 came along, it pretty much changed my life, for better and for worse. That’s not an exaggeration.

In Sims 3 I used the CAW tool to create a world. It took a year and it was maybe one of my most favourite achievements in this franchise.

When Sims 4 came around, I said I wouldn’t play it and I was disappointed in the direction it had gone in. But now, it’s my favourite game of the franchise.

Here’s a life simulation where you can create a Sim and build them a mansion, or an entire world.   I was part of an amazing community of gamers that loved the Sims.  I was able to create stories. I built an entire world. I nurtured characters I’ve been playing for over a decade.  It inspired my art!

It’s been a great experience and whatever happens, at least I can say thank you to everyone who’s brought us this amazing  franchise, and thank you for the community that supported it.


A few fond memories:






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