For Hallowe’en this year, I wanted to create some portraits for some of the paranormal denizens of the Sims world. As a bonus treat, I’ve made them into custom content for the Sims 4.

The Vampire Siblings – Lilith and Caleb Vatore
Sims 4 Fan Art by Black Daisies Nalani Mahi'ai
The Mermaid – Nalani Mahi’ai
sims 4 fan art Morgyn Ember by Blackdaisies
The Spellcaster – Morgyn Ember
Sims 4 Fan Art - The Von Haunts by Blackdaisies
The Ghosts – Bernard and Mimsy Von Haunt

You can download them as framed posters for your game. These were made on the “It’s Amber” mesh.

Category: “Decorative -> Wall Decorations”
Price: §310

TOU: Enjoy this content in your game, reblog freely, give credit, do not link to this download from pay-walled sites or any sites that require a login to view. 

Artwork is copyright by @blackdaisies, please contact me if you’d like to use this art in your Sims custom content. Not for use on paysites or commercial projects, any custom content must be free for players to use.

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⬇️ DOWNLOAD (google drive) (SFS)

And as a bonus treat, I have included a poster for my “Strangerville, the Movie” fan art.


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