Generation 3 Marlen Brothers


This is a gift specifically for the readers of SimTopi. I’m sure you know who they are and I do hope you enjoy them. :)


Both are packaged with their respective CC.  Rowan is packaged with a custom Leh skintone with Maxis’ tribal tattoo edit by me, as well as an edit Club Crimsyn trenchcoat mesh with a t-shirt texture by MsSpookyness69. I know most of my readers are pretty familiar with Rowan, but I feel like I still have to warn you, he’s really not a pretty sim.

Stats –

Rowan: firstborn to Elf (nee Marlen) and Colin McLean
– pleasure
– sloppy, a little active, serious, not so friendly
– no specific turn-ons, though I’d recommend something supernatural as a turn-off.

Linden:  second born to Elf and Colin McLean (Rowan’s twin)
– Knowledge/popularity
– outgoing, neat, friendly

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view Linden’s CC List

Feel free to do anything you wish with these guys in your game but as per usual, don’t upload them to paysites, or claim as your own. And by all means, please send me a note if you have screens of them anywhere! I would totally love to check out what they are up to.  Their TS3 versions are here.

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