“Modern cube dwelling”

Seriously, I’m not good at naming my lots. I usually try to use street names, but then I find I’m not good at naming my streets either.  I come up with the lamest descriptions too, but I’m a visual person. I prefer the pictures.

So without further ado, I made this late last night just to see if I’m up to the challenge of building a fully furnished lot for under §20k.



One of my favourite blogs is Inhabitat.com The building is very much inspired by the eco-sustainable green architecture movement.  I tried to choose wall and floor textures that looked like recycled or sustainable materials, and we can pretend that fireplace uses low emission natural gas.  The solar panel from Mansions & Garden help offset the Sims energy costs as well.  I tried to do this under §20k, the starting amount for a single Sim or a couple.


2 thoughts on ““Modern cube dwelling””

  1. I love this house. Even though it’s simple and probably easy to build, do you think you’ll put it up for download?

    1. Hehe, thanks for reminding me of this house. This was supposed to be part of my modern starter house projects that I never really finished. I guess I have a project for the weekend, weeee :D

      In any case, I did upload this house to the dreaded exchange and it’s still there if you want it :) Linky here.

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