Leaked a month ago by various Sims blogs, and officially teased over this weekend, the next EP (E FREAKING P!!!) is officially announced. Discover University is bringing us fans the most wanted Sims 4 pack since Cats & Dogs. And Seasons. And Witches Realm of Magic.

Screenshot from the trailer

The trailer featured two campuses, which appear to be the Sims versions of Cambridge or Oxford (Britechester) or a polytechnical university (Foxbury).

Along with the expected gameplay elements of university life, also featured in the trailer are activities such as soccer, table tennis, and cycling (!!!). Other fun stuff included are public bathroom stalls, kegs, robots and shower woo-hoo!

New hairs and clothes of course!

There’s a lot to look forward to for the next EP, which is due November 15th! I will be looking forward to frosh week!

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