The latest patch has arrived which brings seasonal appropriate items to the Sims.  These include comfy knitted sweaters, some DIY craftsy type of decor and candle lighting, and an awesome yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot costume.  

Fake Yeti in all his snowy glory.  (BTW, I recommend setting this to your Sims cold weather outfit if you’re going to take pictures outside in the snow…) 
Screenshots of the items in my game.
Candles and a Mason jar pine tree diorama thing.  
On top of the fake fireplace facade.. which you can find under Fireplaces so it may still be able to summon Father Winter… is the new Lin-Z Smart Speaker! 

Also included in the patch are some Baby Ariel items, which for PC/Mac includes a hoodie, sweatershirt and crop top.  

Patch notes are here 

Update the Sims 4 game in Origin. If you already have the Holiday Pack installed, they will show up in your game.  If you don’t already have the Holiday Pack, download it for free on Origin.  

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