The latest game pack for Sims 4 was released on September 10th and this one features witches spellcasters!

Brew magic potions, learn spells, fly a broom, visit the Magic Realm, explore Glimmerbrook! There seems like so much to do in this one!

As a builder, of course I was most excited for all the fun build and buy items. One of my favourite things to do though, is to build with a story in mind, and the best way for me to understand my next few Realm of Magic inspired builds is to actually play the game before jumping into building.

Create a Sim

I didn’t start with any of the premade Sims or lots. There are two households ready to play in game, including a few that you’ll remember from the trailer. Instead of playing anyone from the Acolyte family or the Charm family, I used one of my Sims. I spent about an hour instead dressing him up in CAS.

The CAS items have a distinct urban fantasy vibe and I love it! There’s a bit of influence from various fantasy pop culture stuff. I could see a little bit of “Harry Potter”, a bit of “The Mortal Instruments”, a little bit of Oz – there’s even a premade sage named L.Faba!


The first thing I did was move Sage into the unimpressive starter lot in Glimmerbrook. The town itself I feel isn’t that picturesque compared to other Game Pack towns such as Strangerville or Forgotten Hollows. It’s a rural town, loosely resembling either the Pacific Northwest or the maybe Atlantic North East… it has a lot of towering conifers, mountains and the namesake brook which is fed from a spectacular waterfall.

Fall in Glimmerbrook is pretty!

Around midnight, I brought Sage to the magic portal, which is a long run to the edge of another big waterfall. There’s a short prompt, and I appreciated this not being this long, drawn out choose-your-own-adventure because I’d probably have flipped a table if my Sim couldn’t reach the magic realm on the first try.

If you somehow miss entry into the Magic Realm, over the falls you go!

The Magic Realm

Once in the magic realm, I had Sage talk to Morgyn, one of the magic Sages there. The idea here is that there are three schools of spellcasting and you choose one path. Apparently it doesn’t matter who you speak to, any of the sages can turn you into a spellcaster, and after that you choose the path you’d like to take.

A side note about Morgyn, I think it’s wonderful that the Sims team has introduced a non-binary Sim as a premade. I love the representation here!

The point system is slightly different than Vampires and Get Famous’ fame system. Instead of a tab on your menu, you get a Spellbook in your interactions which opens in a window and tells you which spells you’ve learned and how far you are along. It’s pretty straightforward, it seems, and it will be interesting exploring this a little more.

So far, my Sim is on the Untamed magic path and though he hasn’t learned any spells, though he has “zipzapped” a few people at times. None of those sims look like they’ve appreciated that.

I brought Sage to Caster’s Alley, where I picked up a few supplies. Of course I got a broom, and a familiar. Sage is partial to the skull because he’s an “evil” Sim, I thought it was appropriate.

Build Mode

Once I got a feel for the Sims and how gameplay might look, I set my sights on rebuilding. The premade builds in Glimmerbrook are famously underwhelming. Some even have missing doors, though it looks like toilets are included this time!

To be honest, I haven’t seen a premade build this bad since Sims 2. Yikes.

My first build was a community lot, because I like building places my Sims can visit. You can see the results of that build right here. I really enjoyed all the art nouveau and magic inspired items. Building a pretty lot only using RoM and the base game (although I did include debug items), wasn’t all that challenging I found. There were a few things I noticed, in particular a lack of cabinets for the counters which was especially disappointing. I mean, witches store stuff in cupboards. It’s a thing.

Realm of Magic doesn’t feel necessary, but it does give your Sims 4 game a lot of spice, I think. As a builder, I do love all the new objects, but I feel like I could live without them. The windows are lovely but they’re quite niche, and probably wouldn’t fit in with most of my builds. The furniture is nice, but I wish there were more swatches. Aside from spellcasting, the Create-A-Sim items are the most impressive out of this pack. Out of release, there does look to be some noticeable bugs, hopefully these will get fixed, but it doesn’t make the game unplayable. For storytelling, I don’t think you could go too wrong with RoM, especially if you do like playing with the occult Sims.

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