It’s an unwritten law that everyone who plays the Sims eventually has to create their own avatar or at least an ideal version of who they want to be. Some people create their Sim selves to be pretty and have perfect lives. Me, I created my Sim self and decided to just leave her alone or make her life as miserable as possible. I wonder what that says about how I think of myself. :p

However, I did give her some cool looking clothes and hair that I probably had a few years ago.  And I suck at portraiture, so she probably doesn’t look like me at all. For all intents and purposes, this is my Sim self, Mela.


Clothes: Club Crimsyn
Hair: Louis (download here)
Skin: (playing with new defaults) Leh
Eyes: Shady’s Sparkling Eyes (slight texture edit by darkening the default “brown” eye from this collection)
Lipstick: Dragonmandy’s sheer gloss, or it could be Nouk’s Lollypop lips… either of these collections are nice and they are currently my favourite for my Sims.

(Yes, my pics are better now. I think all my screens will get PS sharpened from now on, it’s a nice effect.)


  1. All and all a very good looking sim, but why so sad? I’ve never been able to make a decent self sim because most male hair is either too long or too weird. It’s good to see another Canuck!

  2. Author

    Hi Barry. :)

    She’s sad because all i do is torture my sim self! :D

    No, I’m kidding. She’s sad because she’s a fortune Sim, she has no job and lives in a tiny one bedroom apartment on the ground floor. Thankfully, that’s not my life, but it’s fun to make your Sim-self’s life miserable.

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