I send my Sims to Sim State University. It’s a well rounded hood that’s close to the topography of SimTopi and it’s already got Greek houses set up.  I’ve been playing the Tri-Var and Urele-Oresha-Cham houses respectively. And because makeovers are kinda fun…

Tiffany Samson, Brittany Upsnott and Heather Huffington. I’m sorry, Brittany annoyed me, she had to go.

And the boys… so far my favourite maxis makeovers yet:  (from top left, clockwise) Joshua Ruben, Kevin Beare, Castor Nova and Ashley Pitt. I tried to keep somewhat in their characters, which is always the trick in Maxis makeovers.

Continue reading for more screenshots!


Heather is always in pink. She’s off in her own little world most of the time. I don’t think she cares who she hurts while she’s demanding attention from her suitors.


It could be because she’s an alcoholic. (Seriously in my game, she’s always at the bar)


Tiffany, always studious.


Kevin, the “big guy”. He likes to act all bad ass but he’s a sweetheart.


Joshua is the jock of the group. I gave him a little bit more of a euro soccer-fan look.


Ashley, the romantic. I imagine him to be British because of his name. I thought the dye job was appropriate (he still has dark eyebrows!).


Castor is annoying to play because half the college seems to have a crush on this guy. He’s cute and smart but a little clueless.  I think the messy hair and his glasses are his trademarks, I didn’t want to go too far from that.


Bonus shot of Castor, just because.

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