I broke my own rule about custom content and finally downloaded some, mostly from ModtheSims2. I’ve been playing around with different default skins and eyes and hair styles in Body Shop all weekend. I’ve concluded that my game style will always still be Maxis-match predominantly, but I really like the way the combination of these particular CC elements look in my game.

Lydia Markelly


Denise Markelly

Lydia’s Hair by Nouk from MTS2
Eyes by Shady from MTS2 (Natural Beauty eyes… MTS2 is a bit borked lately so you can’t download her defaults, however I made my own as well as made them townie friendly and geneticized for game consistency)*
Denise’s Lipstick by Bruno
Lydia’s lipgloss by Dragonmandy

The result: I don’t think these CCs compromised the overall look of the game and the enhancements are subtle but very pretty I think. I doubt I will be using any custom skins though… I’ve experimented in Body Shop and the only ones I were remotely interested in made my characters look strange.**

(This post has been editted to show better pics. The original ingame screenshots are here and here)
*I switched my eye defaults to Shady’s Sparkling eyes (shown in the new pics), and I think they suit my Sims much better.
** I’ve been using Leh’s Maxis-Match Skin defaults. I’m very happy with them.

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