Some  residents that live in SimTopi…


Violette Leandres, whom we briefly met in the Markelly story. Violette is a popular, but down to earth Romance Sim. One night, curious about the whole deal, this Player decided to have her get in touch with the matchmaker. But she didn’t have the full §5000 needed to get a true dream date, so the matchmaker matched her up with a young adult in University. Violette didn’t seem the type normally into younger guys.  But she did give him his first time woohoo on the night of his grad party!



Kevin Jopal is the handsome young man that Violette was seeing. He is now on the fast track up the medical career ladder and his condo’s resident hunk.  All the townie girls love him.


Heidi Lanowski, the hopelessly romantic nerd girl. She was a roommate of Elf Marlen and a math whiz. She’s lately just biding her time, chatting with people online, watching chick flicks and sewing drapes in her little one bedroom apartment hoping for the right job in the education career to fall at her feet, as well as the right man. In the meantime, she’s writing a romance novel hoping to make a little money while her career is in limbo.



Glen Liu was a roommate of Colin McLean in college. Now he’s back in the city and building robots. One day, my town will have a Servo manufacturer!




Audrey White, who moved to a small studio apartment  in a restored church.  She is currently pursuing a career in the arts, as well as being the object of desire for many hopeless Sims.




Melissa Shelby-Dane, a single mom who moved to her grandmother’s old apartment with her young daughter and son. She’s a funny, nerdy pleasure Sim working in the music career.   This is her bored potty training face.



Elaine Tam, (one of my tester Sims). She doesn’t do much. She runs a home based beauty salon and gives townies makeovers. She recently got a job DJing at Daniel Roshenko’s new club, Zone 5.




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