I finally got Pets. Now, the only EP that I do not have is Bon Voyage, and I’m not really pining for it. I wasn’t really wanting Pets either but I gave in because I wanted cats and dogs.

So the first family I decided to play after successfully installing Pets were the Feldings. Paul Felding was a roomie of Elf Marlen in college. He was dating townie Anthony Wilkie through university, but out in the “real world” things were a little complicated for him. I essentially created a “townie” by the name of Sarah with whom he had an unlikely intimate encounter with and from that, produced Tashia.

Paul, being all dark and mysterious at the lounge.paulfelding02


However, proving to be a family person was too much for Sarah who promptly left after the baby was born, leaving Paul to raise Tashia on his own.  Paul was initially a family Sim so he’s happy to raise his daughter by himself. Still, he’s waiting for the guy of his dreams to come along.

Tashia clearly loves animals.tashiafelding

And as a reward for getting an A+ report card he called up the pound and adopted one of their kittens whom they named Pepita (so named because I was eating pumpkin seeds at the time).



I should have known this, but I didn’t even think that the kittens would show it’s breed when they grow up. What I thought was going to be a white cat grew up to be a lovely Himalayan (my personal favourite breed, btw!). Pepita has one white foot.


I can’t believe I hadn’t gotten Pets sooner. :p

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