I finally stopped being a chicken about using Hoodreplace, (worrying about my game becoming corrupt) backed up my files and took the plunge.   I’ve been seriously outgrowing the current map and the layout was just too impractical for what I wanted to do. I just wanted a simple, flat terrain that I can work as a base for an urban neighbourhood. I used the game’s sample.sc4 map to replace New Simtopi’s. After a bit of terrain editting and placing all the lots in proper order, I’m now happy with how New SimTopi is looking.

This is the “bad end” of town.  I’m sure those cooling towers don’t quite belong in the city but I sort of liked them in the background.

Warehouse, factory and older buildings in this area are being converted to condominiums and apartments.

Criquette @ MtS2 makes awesome neighbourhood decor. I couldn’t wait to use these embankments.  I’m currently making room for his bus station.


  1. Hey, I came across your site partly through LJ and partly through S2CF, I managed to add you as a friend over at LJ (I blame my overtired brain for that), so if you wonder who Valneannesims is, now you know! I friended you so I could keep track of updates etc. :)

    Anyhow, I’ve actually gone back to the beginning (I’ve been reading for awhile, I just haven’t commented) and read from then to now and I have to say it’s very interesting to see how you play! (Not to mention how awesomely you build!) I’m also surprised that you’re using the sample terrain – it looks nothing like it at all! (that’s a good thing xD)

    At any rate, I just wanted to let you know why you were friended and all :) If this is strange – blame my overtired brain it’s longing for sleep xD

    1. Author

      Hi Valneanne. :) Thanks for coming by and commenting, I appreciate it. It’s not at all strange, I’ll add you back. :)

  2. Is it aviable to download?

  3. Author

    Hi Scaramouche… if you’re requesting my neighbourhood for download… no, it’s not available as it is because none of my lots are empty. The map itself is just sample.sc4 which came with the game.

  4. Oh, what a pity…If I were you, I would strongly recommend to let this hood downloading. It’s amazing :D

  5. yeah i want it toooo!!

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