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So I am still working on my Sims 4 Save file, even though I’ve taken a hiatus. It’s still on my mind while I’m playing and building so I thought I should just get back on track and finish it.

I’ve started using Trello to manage my file, because things just got a bit overwhelming for me. This helps me keep organized and it helps me visualize my progress, and sorry/not sorry if this sounds like an ad, but I thought I’d share the board and what I’ve done.


Here’s my board: https://trello.com/b/ZU0SQGUq

I went with a basic productivity template (start > doing > done) and added title cards of all the worlds in the list. The starting list (Worlds) will have ALL the lots in the game in there, organized below the world title cards. When I start working on them, I move them to the next list and when all of these cards are in the “completed list”, I win the game!

I’m sharing the template if anyone out there is building a save file, or trying to find a way to manage their game.

Template: https://trello.com/b/twb5fLpd/sims-4-save-file-building

If you’ve never used Trello before, keep reading for the basic instructions. Video link is below as well.

  1. Visit the template link above and click “Create board from Template”
  2. Rename your board, and keep cards and template cards and click “Create”
  3. Start with the list on the very left called “WORLDS”
  4. Under every World title card (Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, etc) are cards for every lot in the game
  5. The lot cards naming convention are as follows [neighbourhood name ] – [ lot name ] – [ size ] [ lot type/venue ] (occupants)
  6. Open each card to add your description and comments and rename the lot if you’d like to. If you’re using other builds, link the download link in here. You can also use this to keep a list of all of your custom content.
  7. Move cards into the next few lists as you work on each lot

List Descriptions:

  • Ideas: Add card to this list when you are gathering ideas and inspiration.
  • Review: If you have an existing build, you can move a card to this list if you need to determine if it will make it to your save file or if you’ll have to update it or use a different build
  • In Progress: Move card to this list when you’re building
  • Play Testing: Move card to this list when you’re ready to test the build. You can add a premade checklist of what to test by clicking on “Checklist” in the card and selecting the “Testing Checklist”.
  • Completed: When the build is done, you can move it to this list. You can add a screenshot and use it as a cover, and add a link to the download for your reference or if you plan on making your board public
  • Port to Save: When you’ve completed all the builds, you can port them all to a fresh new save file which you can share
  • Template: This is a list of template cards. You can copy this list if you’re creating a new list if you’d like to keep the World title cards

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