A luxury loft penthouse in San Myshuno’s Fashion District. Your upwardly mobile Sims with discerning taste will appreciate the unobstructed cityscape views through the floor to ceiling windows. Spacious layout for entertaining and parties, swimming pool and large terrace.

Lot Type: Residential Penthouse
Size: 40×30
Value: §272,859
Custom Content: none
Ideal Placement: Fashion District, San Myshuno

Packs Used:
EPs: Eco Lifestyle | Island Living | Get Famous | Seasons | City Living | Get Together
GPs: Dine Out | Spa Day |
SPs: Tiny Living | Moschino | Fitness | Bowling Night | Vintage Glamour | Perfect Patio |

TOU: Enjoy my build in your game, reblog freely, give credit, do not link to this download from pay-walled sites or any sites that require a login to view.   Link back to sims.blackdaisies.com to share this content.

Find this build in the Sims Gallery under EA ID “belledaisies”.

➡️ GALLERY LINK ⬇️ DOWNLOAD (SFS) (Google Drive)


Address – 1 Torendi Penthouse

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