Lot Type: Restaurant
Style: Industrial era factory conversion
Price: §126 421
Lot Dimensions: 30×20
EP/SP Required: Dine Out, Get to Work, Get Together
Custom Content: none

Le Beau Marche by simdaisies exterior

Inspired by industrial era warehouses that have been repurposed.  Le Beau Marché features a varied menu, and a chic setting to bring your date, your friends or your family.  Dress code is â€œCome As You Are”.

Built for â€œthe Proprietor’s Square” lot in Windenburg.   Fully tested with couples and families.  Please feel free to leave feedback if you use this in your game!


TOU: Enjoy my build in your game, reblog freely, give credit, do not link to this download from pay-walled sites or any sites that require a login to view.   Link back to sims.blackdaisies.com to share this content.

Available in the Sims Gallery: [ Direct link ]
Search under EAid “belledaisies” #labeaumarche

See more screenshots in the slideshow gallery:

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