Lot Type: Residential
Style: Split-level
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Price: §88,728
Custom Content: none


Features: Fully decorated, four bedrooms (one is decorated as an office), spacious living room and family room with tall ceilings, balconies off upper bedrooms.

Technical note: bb.moveobjects was used while building this lot.  Place the lot in build mode, or enter the cheat code “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot to ensure that objects do not disappear.


Note about gameplay: While testing the house, Sims tended to use the powder room sink instead of the kitchen sink even if the kitchen sink is right next to the dirty dishes they need to wash.  *Sigh*

Available in the Sims 4 Gallery [ Northern Beechwood House ]
Search by Origin ID “belledaisies”


TOU: Enjoy my build in your game, reblog freely, give credit, do not link to this download from pay-walled sites or any sites that require a login to view.   Link back to sims.blackdaisies.com to share this content.

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