The Community Space is a new type of lot introduced in Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle where the neighbourhood can vote on how it’s utilized. Sims are able to vote with their influence points and turn this lot into a Community Garden, Maker Space or a Marketplace.

Following the lead of the original community space in Port Promise, this one starts off as an abandoned factory, except a little bit more abandoned and derelict. The different versions still maintain the same footprint of the build, using the same structures and reclaimed materials, all great places for eco-friendly Sims to congregate.

The Community Garden
The Maker Space
The Marketplace

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Lot Type: Community Space
Size: 40×30
Value: §62,830 / Community Garden – §97,092 / Market place – §100,942 / Maker Space – §108,661
Custom Content: none
Packs used: (EPs only) Get To Work, Get Together, City Living, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, Get Famous, Discover University, Eco Lifestyle
Ideal Placement: Port Promise, Evergreen Harbor

Find this build in the Sims Gallery under EA ID “belledaisies” #oldportfactory. Links to download folders where each lot can be downloaded individually. Select “PortFactoryALL” for all versions of the lots in the same file.

➡️ GALLERY LINK ⬇️ DOWNLOAD (SFS) (Google Drive)

How to install in your game:

  1. Download all versions of the Old Port Factory. (Search #oldportfactory in my Sims Gallery to find them all. There are four versions)
  2. Click on the Community Space lot and enter build mode from world view.
  3. Place the Community Space version of this lot
  4. Select the other spaces (Community Garden, Maker Space, or Marketplace) from the build details panel
  5. Place the appropriate versions of those lots from your gallery

Speed Build Video


Community Space (Default)
Port Factory Gardens
Port Factory Worklofts
Port Factory Market

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