This old structure was the home to a theatre in the silver age of Sims cinema. However, after the nectar prohibition, the owners became bankrupt, and it was closed for years. It lay derelict and close to being demolished when a group dedicated to preserving historical architecture managed to meet fundraising goals with it’s â€œSave the Quinn” campaign.  

Since then, it’s been gutted, and renovated, though some of the elements of it’s former glory remain, including the theatre which now plays indie films and classics. The front of the building houses a café, ideal for drinking coffee and writing your screenplay, or gathering for open mic nights. The upstairs studio hosts actor’s workshops.  

Lot type: café
Size: 30×30
Value: §195,054
Traits: Up-and-coming Hotspot
Custom Content: none
Packs used:  Get Famous, Seasons, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Vintage Glamour,  Movie Hangout
Ideal placement: Starlight Boulevard, Del Sol Valley [ map ]

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Find in the Gallery under ID “belledaisies”

➡️ gallery link ⬇️ download (SFS)

Some notes: 

I love now being able to build different tiered theatre seating.  The middle platform isn’t connected to the rest of the building and foundation, and there is some trickery involved with external walls and such, but it works. The stairs connect to each platform and sims can travel. They can only watch the movie from the ground floor though.

Layout and location

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