So, um, this is my supposed self-Sim. :D   Stats and download link below…

Mela Qing (this is taken from my full name, but it’s not the name I go by in real life)
Neat 4 / Outgoing 3 / Active 5 / Playful 6 / Nice 7

Turn ons: Great Cook, Robots  (<–?????? Seriously I made this Sim a long time ago, I have no idea what I was thinking when I made those turn ons, lol)
Turn offs: Stink (I do remember this one. I took public transportation a lot)


[download id=”20″ format=”1″]

Please use Clean Installer to install this Sim and to remove any unwanted custom content.  And let me know if you download Mela and use her in any screenshots. I’d love to know what my self sim is up to in other people’s games :O

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  1. Boo! She’s mine! I think I might just marry her into my legacy family, or attempt to make a fake SimTopi and move her into it… Is SimTopi up for download? OOH! I can have her and Willow be best friends and move in together until one of them gets married and they can both learn more witchcraft and… I have WAY too much time on my hands. Stupid flu. lol.

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