I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve finally packaged up the Gen 2 Bairds except for Craig Baird. Why no Craig? Because Craig, being the victim of First Born Syndrome is actually a clone of older brother Clive. I didn’t know about FBS when I was playing this family earlier. You can see from my stories that I’ve attempted to make him look as different from Clive as I could superficially. I will no doubt in the future upload his TS3 form though. :)

I have also included the Gen 3 Bairds , Jasmine and Cecilia as a bonus. ;)

The downloads are available below the cut.

Clive BairdClive Baird
eldest son of Garret and Talula Baird
Sign: Scorpio

notes: Clive is packaged with hair from Seasons so you’ll need that EP if you want him with that hair. I’m not sure what base game hair it’ll be replaced with.

[download id=”12″ format=”1″]

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Jessie Baird

Jessie Baird
2nd born Garret and Talula Baird
Sign: Scorpio

notes: this thumbnail is a slightly younger version of her. She is packaged as she looks in the family pic above. :)

[download id=”13″ format=”1″]

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Jodie Baird Jodie Baird
4th born to Garret and Talula Baird
Sign: Libra

[download id=”14″ format=”1″]

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jasminebaird_thumbJasmine Baird (3rd Gen)
1st born to Clive Baird and Denise Baird (nee Markelly)
Sign: Pisces

[download id=”15″ format=”1″]

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ceciliabaird_thumbCecilia Baird (3rd Gen)
2nd born to Clive Baird and Denise Baird (nee Markelly)
Sign: Pisces

[download id=”16″ format=”1″]

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These Sims are packaged with their respective custom content so I recommend using Clean Installer to sort any of those out. There is a brief list of my resources on my site’s sidebar if you’re interested in my defaults.

Please feel free to use and abuse as you wish in your game. As usual don’t upload them to other sites and/or claim as your own, and if you upload any screenshots, I would love if you drop a line just so I can ‘catch up’ with them. ^_^


  1. I downloaded Cecilia and wanted to thank you so much for making these sims available.

  2. Ooooh. Thankyou. I’ve downloaded them all, and am going to play them right away…. Thanks!!!!

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