Pixel_Trade is having a Sims 3 donation drive, so I thought I’d recreate my Generation 3 Marlen siblings in The Sims 3, and offer them up for download. I had wanted to mod up my game and start playing for a while now, so this gave me the perfect excuse. :D

More screenshots at my Livejournal!

Download links and more info this way –>

* eyes by CDollie @ GoS
* skins by Club Crimsyn

sliders: I’m using Awesomemod with slider modifiers set to 4.

Rowan Marlenmarlen_rowan_01sm


Traits: artistic, good kisser, daredevil, commitment issues, hot headed
Likes: Fish & chips, custom music (industrial!), red

[download id=”31″ format=”1″]

Rowan’s custom content:
* spiked bracelets by Club Crimsyn
* jeans by Club Crimsyn
* piercings by Aikea-Guinea @ GoS
* t-shirt by Random Noir @ GoS
* tribal tattoos by KittyKlan
* facial hair (default replacements) by KittyKlan

Linden Marlenmarlen_linden_01sm


Traits: bookworm, vegetarian, hates outdoors, virtuoso, neat
Likes: tofu dogs, indie music, spice brown

[download id=”32″ format=”1″]

Linden’s custom content:
* hair by Peggy
* t-shirt by Club Crimsyn
* freckles by Papercat
* facial hair (default replacement) by KittyKlan

Willow Marlenmarlen_willow_01sm


Traits: bookworm, genius, good, loner, unlucky
Likes: key lime pie, indie music, green

[download id=”30″ format=”1″]

Willow’s custom content:
* freckles by Papercat

* Sims 3 sims do not include custom content in the packages. If you’d like for  these sims to specifically look like the above screenshots (or to keep them in “character”),  download the CC seperately from the links provided.

To install: place .sim files into your SavedSims folder found in  …\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims\

Please feel free to use however you’d like in your game but  do not claim these sims as yours or redistribute them without me knowing. Thanks and enjoy!

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