So if you’ve noticed I’ve been re-posting a number of builds. It’s because I am reorganizing the website. I’m getting rid of the “portfolio” section where my builds were set up, and integrating the build catalog with the regular posts. I’ll be organizing everything with categories, tags and plugins.

So far, it’s working well. The next phase is to delete the portfolio, but not before I do some additional testing to make sure the old URLs are redirecting to the new addresses so anyone who visits an old link from Tumblr or whereever will just be taken to the new address. Seamlessly. At least I hope.

The reason I’m doing this is for ease of posting to this site. I realized I was running too many workarounds to make sure things were behaving and I didn’t really have to.

Apologies if things are out of order or anything is missing. Please let me know if something seems out of place, feedback is always welcome.

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