Hi there! If you follow this blog, you can request a drawing. I’ve turned on tumblr messaging for now, but if it gets too spammy again, I may have to disable it. However, if you’d rather leave the links in an ask, make sure your image is hosted on a free image sharing place like imgur or tumblr or wherever, and send the address to me.  You can replace the dots in the address with (dot) and that should disguise the link I think. Example: www(dot)example(dot)com/whatever.  Read More →

I got a post in my Ask which I tried to answer on my phone and somehow deleted. :p   Anyway, I pulled it out of my email ^_^  Just to let you know there’s a CC hair inside your auberon sims3pack :) Oops.   Thanks for bringing this up and I apologize to those that were expecting a CC-free download. I’ll update the sims3pack either tonight or at the latest this weekend. I have no idea when I’ll be home (and sober) in the next few days. Ha! :p  Read More →