The final version of Auberon will be uploaded in the next few days… just a teeny amount of testing left to do.  This version will have Pets, Seasons, Generations and Supernatural specific upgrades, as well as some lot enhancements (and of course, no CC). After testing with my legacy family for the past few weeks, I’m pretty happy with it, except for a glitchy lot or two.  Also, I added a pool to one of the clubs. Hooray!Read More →

Things are settling down a little bit, and the dude got me the last Sims 3 EPs I actually wanted, but never had the time/energy to commit to before. So I’m currently working on a Pets/Seasons/Supernatural friendly version of the City of Auberon.  Because I’ve added more areas and moved stuff around kind of, I don’t think it’s very compatible with games previously saved on the early version of Auberon (sorry).   Anyway, I’m currently still working on it, and doing some testing and trouble shooting. I hope to release it in a few weeks. ^_^  Read More →

I got a post in my Ask which I tried to answer on my phone and somehow deleted. :p   Anyway, I pulled it out of my email ^_^  Just to let you know there’s a CC hair inside your auberon sims3pack :) Oops.   Thanks for bringing this up and I apologize to those that were expecting a CC-free download. I’ll update the sims3pack either tonight or at the latest this weekend. I have no idea when I’ll be home (and sober) in the next few days. Ha! :p  Read More →

World Notes: I spent a few hours this afternoon trying to figure out why my sims weren’t crossing the big bridge. They’d get to the end then *ride* down the side of the bridge onto the road below. It looked very odd. After a while, I realized that somewhere along the line, I had painted un-routable paint right across the end of that bridge. Like a dumbass. I also did some testing on prepopulating the world in CAW.  I exported the populated version and was pretty happy to find them in game and playable! Except I glitched one of the bigger families, so I mayRead More →