The final version of Auberon will be uploaded in the next few days… just a teeny amount of testing left to do.  This version will have Pets, Seasons, Generations and Supernatural specific upgrades, as well as some lot enhancements (and of course, no CC). After testing with my legacy family for the past few weeks, I’m pretty happy with it, except for a glitchy lot or two.  Also, I added a pool to one of the clubs. Hooray!Read More →

The fairies have come home to Auberon.  (She was a random game-generated sim that I found wandering around and gave a makeover to. Her name is Alissa and she likes Hip-hop and pie.)Read More →

The Residents of Auberon Archive Eastgate Village: 42 East River Rd – The Dhallas / Raj, Sunita, Sam and Nancy 10 East River Rd – Siblings, Marcus and Marcella Tremaine12 Lost Point Rd – Parise and Ernest Carlisle The Eastgate Factory – Norman Peng and daughter, Aimee PengRead More →

Residents of Auberon Archive:  Georgian Heights and Waterfront Neighbourhoods 2 Georgian Heights – Portia Quincy, Jolee Flores and Jeremy The Miranda Towers – Skyla and Roman Verdante Read More →