Brandon Markelly married Felicia.   They went on to have a baby, Tyler. :)  Tyler, in Sims 4, turned out to be a boy. :D   (In Sims 2, Tyler is female.  In this game, I just let the game do it’s thing.)  Read More →

Brandon:  “Oh honey, she’s perfect!” Denise:  “She?” :D Brandon:  “Oh of course, the announcement…. It’s a girl!”  Welcome to the Sims 4 world, Cecilia Baird.Read More →

Brandon:  “Don’t worry, honey,  I am delivering my grandchild after all.  I’ve got this in the bag, as you kids would say.”  Denise:  “Dad, no one says that. What are you doing with that glue?!” Brandon:  “Nothing to fret about, angel…  odd, I didn’t think that laser was in the wrong spot… You’re doing fine!”  Denise: “Laser? Wrong spot??? Dad???!!!”   Brandon:  “Now, honey, just don’t panic, I’m a trained professional.  Now where in the world did I leave the glue cap… honey, can you reach down a bit and see if I dropped it…” Denise:  D:  Read More →

After some time passes, Denise goes into labour during breakfast.   Her regular OB/GYN wasn’t available, so the next best thing was eager to help… her own father, Dr. Markelly. It doesn’t get more awkward than this.Read More →

If there is one thing Brandon wants to teach his girls; it is to love life, and enjoy every minute of it.  Sim lives are short, and they never know what the Sim God has in store for them, so there’s no point growing up too fast.    Read More →