Brandon wants to make the world better, not just for all the other poor children who can’t afford home catering, but for his twin daughters.  Since their mother had passed away, he wants to be the best father for both of them.Read More →

Although he comes from wealth… he could easily afford to purchase and renovate his mansion, it’s almost as if it was free real estate … Dr. Markelly is using his privilege to try to do good in the world. In a former life, he would probably have been a charming salesperson who owned several businesses, but in this life, he is answering this calling, because the sims world needs him. His oblivious patients and his overworked co-workers absolutely love him. He just knows it.Read More →

True tales of Sim Drama! Now we take a brief interlude which only proves that I’ve been playing this game a ridiculous amount in the past few days.  It was also at this point I picked up “Get to Work”. Meet young Brandon Markelly, currently a medical technician at the local hospital. He’s from a rich family, which allowed for him to be able to purchase the Parkshore manor in Willow Creek. He came here to advance in the medical field, as well as raise his twin daughters , Denise and Lydia.  Read More →