Lydia Markelly had moved herself into a Retirement home in Oasis Springs.  Of course she gets regular visits from her son, and happy to hear all the news about his life with Willow.Read More →

Sort of back from sims legacy posting hiatus.   a) I have a big folder worth of screenshots b) I’m no longer going to concern myself with editing them honestly.  Sorry/not sorry if you don’t like that, but I’d rather just play the game. c) Not gonna lie, I’ve always loved Willow and Gabriel.   So it was only a matter of time before she ‘invited him in’. Read More →

Rowan: “YO YO YO YOOOOOO”  Willow: “Hi Rowan.”  Rowan: “Was I interrupting something. Like you know. Something-something?!” Willow: … Rowan: “If I was, I’m not sorry.”  Willow: “Gabriel, this is my brother, Rowan.”  Rowan: “Gabriel? This guy??? Come on Willow, you can do better.”  Gabriel: “Heh, I’m sooo glad I helped you find him.”   Rowan: “I know, I’m charming.” Read More →

Gabriel: “So you were mentioning the computers at the hospital were acting up.  I can come by on Monday… or uh.. whenever you’re around… and get them fixed up. It’s kinda what I do…”  Willow: “That’s nice of you, but I’m pretty sure the hospital has it’s own IT department.”   Gabriel: “Actually, that was just a lead up to me asking you if you’d like to go to the Newcrest Classics film festival after work. Roaring Vice is playing. It’s not a horror movie, I promise.” Willow: “Are you asking me out on a date?” Gabriel: “Well… yeah. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing?”  Willow: “I don’t know, it’s notRead More →

Gabriel: “Not bad, huh?” Willow: “Why does it have to be so unnecessarily spicy? Food shouldn’t be a dare!” Gabriel: “The spice is life, my friend. I don’t know about you, but a little heat makes things a bit more interesting…” *casually stretches*  Willow: “Hmm. I didn’t order cheese with my meal.”  Gabriel: “Come on, that was smooth.” Read More →