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Here’s a list of creators who’s stuff I found in the treasure hunt:  Agent Carlos, Inzey, Lilith, Littlecat, Voleste, Aquil(egia?), Bosie, CuriousB, Downer, EvilWitch, Iaz(?), Liegenschonheit, Mellyrae, MrOstrichbird, SarahK, Shasta, Spacedoll, Trapping (part1?), Ndainye, Zerodark, -Zol-, Dionysus Dreams, JaRo (i’m assuming Jaccirocker), Nymphy, Parisonious Potions, Skell, Fainiel, Cloudwalker sims  I don’t have any more time to look but I’m looking forward to the reveal.  This was a very cool event!  :)  Read More →