Peregrin joins Jodie after her shift at the bar.  She’s sad and appreciates the company. Jodie: “I feel like maybe… maybe Dad is still up there, telling me that I shouldn’t be hanging out with boys.”   Peregrin:  “Your father was a wise man.”   Jodie:  “I miss him so much.”Read More →

Jodie is now a medical assistant, but there are days when she needs to get out of the house.  She earns a bit of money on the side tending the local bar for tips.   She never expected Peregrin to walk in one day.   She was more than happy to get reacquainted. Read More →

Peregrin:  “Hey.”  :) Jodie:  “Hi!” <3  Peregrin:  “Cute hat.”  Jodie:   (*^‿^*) Craig:   “It’s true.  I invited him for a reason. Yup.”   >_>  He may or may not have read Jodie’s simjournal.Read More →

Jodie was enjoying her night out. The youngest of the Bairds was now a young adult and ready for a new life.   She didn’t realize that Craig had invited Peregrin.   Jodie’s traits: Computer whiz / music lover / clumsy / goodRead More →

Peregrin:  “You can’t seriously have a crush on me!”  Jodie:  “Yes… I mean no!  No, it’s just a joke. Totally funny… see?” Peregrin: “Uh… yeah, haha.   Jodie, look you’re a nice kid. But…”  *nice kid*  Jodie: “Um.  It’s okay Peregrin. I get it. I.. uh… have to go now.” Read More →

Jodie finally manages to get Peregrin to herself. And despite that little voice in her mind telling her to fall back, she tells him how she feels. Peregrin: “Wait, what? You have a crush? On me???”Read More →