Meanwhile, in other Baird news…  Jodie finally manages to catch some time alone with Peregrin. Jodie: “It’s nice and quiet out here, isn’t it?” Peregrin: “Yeah. I love being outdoors.” Jodie: “(great just two more traits to learn and he’s all mine!) “ Peregrin: “What was that?” Jodie: “Oh nothing. I mean… I like being outdoors too!” Craig: “Yeah being outside is awesome.”   Jodie:  (ಠ_ಠ)Read More →

Jodie: “So Dad, how did you start noticing Mom?” Garret: “Well, sweetheart, your mother, she has these … ‘assets’, you see, that made a pretty compelling argument for her case.” Jodie: “If I want someone to notice me… and I’m totally not saying I do… but say I want to, where do I get a hold of these so called ‘assets’?” Garret: “Wait… I didn’t mean assets. I meant she stayed home and did a lot of knitting and didn’t talk to men at all and you should take her example, young miss. By the way, you’re grounded.” Read More →

Jodie: “Oh hey Peregrin!!!  (stop looking so excited girl) Out for a run I see? You’re all sweaty… (nuuuu change course!) Um… Class was great right? (too eager, pull back, pull back!)” Jodie: “I mean, class was alright. Nothing to be too excited about. Ha, ha, as if you’d know we’re not even in the same grade but,  like, we see each other all the time right? Nothing to be excited about at all… (oh he’s been working out…dammit stop staring look away!)” Jodie: “Okay, nice seeing you too, enjoy your buns… I mean your run.  I’m… uh… just going to go home and do a lot ofRead More →

Jodie: “What kind of a stupid name is ‘Peregrin’ anyway?” Peregrin: “It’s a bird that eats other little birds for breakfast.” Jodie: “You’re not a bird.” Peregrin: “Why are you following me? Go home, kid.”Read More →

Jodie is a precocious little girl, and has no problem being overly social with the neighbours.  And this is how she meets Peregrin Marlen, Elf’s younger brother. Read More →