“You know, I try to ignore them, honestly. I get it, they’re in luuuurve and want to rub it in everyone’s faces. Actually no… I shouldn’t feel this way. They’re getting married and I’m happy for them.  Except…”  “Not sure if I should say anything. But one morning,  Clive went off to work and Denise was getting ready to go.” “I heard her in the washroom…”  “I think there’s something wrong with her.”  Read More →

“Dear Simjournal: It’s been about a week since Craig’s birthday.  Peregrin was there, but I tried to act like nothing happened. He didn’t say anything either.”  “Peregrin ‘grew up’ too and left Willow Creek. I’m afraid to ask Craig about him, but it’s okay because I’m so over him now. Really, I am.”  “Craig moved to Oasis Springs with Morgan Fyres.  It’s really weird not having him around.”  “Jessie is meeting people constantly. I don’t know why she keeps coming here with them, like, doesn’t she have her own place or something?”Read More →

Peregrin:  “You can’t seriously have a crush on me!”  Jodie:  “Yes… I mean no!  No, it’s just a joke. Totally funny… see?” Peregrin: “Uh… yeah, haha.   Jodie, look you’re a nice kid. But…”  *nice kid*  Jodie: “Um.  It’s okay Peregrin. I get it. I.. uh… have to go now.” Read More →

Jodie finally manages to get Peregrin to herself. And despite that little voice in her mind telling her to fall back, she tells him how she feels. Peregrin: “Wait, what? You have a crush? On me???”Read More →

Jodie: “Ahem. A word, dear brother? As you can see by the weird shaped plumbbob over Peregrin’s head, we’re in a group. And I’ve noticed you have no such plumbbob.”  Craig: “So? This is my house too, and Peregrin is my best friend.” Jodie: “I know, but can’t you just… like… I mean, don’t you have homework to do? Like right now.”  Craig: “No. I don’t. What’s the big deal?”  Peregrin: “Heh, I don’t know Jodie, but I think Craig wants to be alone with me.”  Craig: “You’re a jerk.” Read More →

Meanwhile, in other Baird news…  Jodie finally manages to catch some time alone with Peregrin. Jodie: “It’s nice and quiet out here, isn’t it?” Peregrin: “Yeah. I love being outdoors.” Jodie: “(great just two more traits to learn and he’s all mine!) “ Peregrin: “What was that?” Jodie: “Oh nothing. I mean… I like being outdoors too!” Craig: “Yeah being outside is awesome.”   Jodie:  (ಠ_ಠ)Read More →