Cecilia: “It’s not illegal to be purple. Or an alien. At least it won’t be if I have anything to say about it.” Julian: “Thanks Cecilia. I feel better… with all the weirdness going on, I don’t necessarily want to add to it.”    Cecilia: “Weirdness? What weirdness! We live in a totally safe society.”   Jasmine doesn’t look like she was quite sure about that.  Read More →

Cecilia: “I don’t get it though…? You said once that you’re always purple, you just telepathically make people think you’re not? So… you can’t do that anymore?” Julian: “I don’t think so. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe it’s a mental block…” Cecilia: “Or maybe it’s just a bug.”   Cecilia: “You know… like a flu or something.  Anyway, so what if you’re purple. You’re still my little brother and if anyone says otherwise, they’ll have to come talk to me.” Read More →

Julian: “You told me it was okay to be purple!” Cecilia: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I freaked out… I was just surprised, that’s all.  I was just used to you being all…” Julian: “Normal?”Read More →

Cecilia: “Good morning Julian! Why are you all covered up, are you cold?”  Julian: “Cecilia, I have a problem.”  Cecilia: “Is it a zit? That’s not a big deal, everyone gets it. I didn’t, and they are kinda gross, but it’s still not a big deal…” Julian: “No, it’s not a zit…  I mean… *sigh*…” Cecilia: *gasp*Read More →

He was so used to hiding his alien form, he realized he was able to do it in his sleep. So waking up… purple… was a little surprising. But easy to fix… … or so he thought. Julian: “I’m… still purple…?” Note: Inspired by a lovely bug that attached itself to the latest patch where aliens’ human disguise gets overwritten by their alien form. /grumble :p  Read More →