Guys,  I’m officially over 1000 followers now on this blog (and those that follow my Sims 2 blog @simtopi and my Simspiration blog @lululounge, I see you too!).   My biggest thanks to everyone who’s liked, shared my posts, and/or left a comment.  And thank all of you who are following me. This means a lot! :) I’ll try to come up with a gift for you specifically for this milestone, but my just-over 900 follower gift still stands:  I draw Sims art, and if you like my art, I’d love to draw yours. If you follow this blog, I am accepting more requests for artworkRead More →

blackdaisies: The Vatore Siblings Work-in-Progress I didn’t do a speed draw because I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out. I did take progress screenshots though.  Read More →