Violet: But wasn’t part of your success strategy adopting me to make it seem that you guys are family-friendly people and not literal cartoon villains? Lily:  In the book you’ll find a deed to a condo in the fashion district. Sign it and be sure to have all your things moved out by the end of the week.  Read More →

After dinner, Lily gives her adopted daughter her gift. Violet: Oh. It’s another copy of Victor’s memoir.  Like the dozen you made me bring to school to sell to my classmates? Lily: Yes. If you want to be successful, you should read it.  Violet:  Again? … Thanks…?Read More →

Le Beau Marché, Windenburg Lily: Oh look Victor, Violet’s finally decided to join us. You know, dear, when someone spends this much to dine in Windenburg for your birthday, it’s only polite to not keep them waiting. Violet: I’m sorry, I wanted to call Julian to let him know where I am.  I’ve never been to Windenburg before.Lily: The Baird boy. I see. Read More →