I should be good to go, except a little later than I originally planned.   I’ll be livestreaming at 5pm EDT/ 9pm UTC.  We get a tour of my world in progress and probably go in and build some lots or something. There really is no plan and this is all informal.   I feel a little livestreaming rusty but hopefully I’ll be okay! :D   livestream.com/simtopi  (Source: https://cdn.livestream.com./)Read More →

I’m going to attempt a livestream of Sims 3 Create A World tonight! I’m building a world (see pic above)! I’ll be terrain painting and planting trees! I’m not even sure how this will all turn out! Why all the exclamation marks?!!!  Tentative 4pm EDT (earlier if I’m not busy!) livestream.com/simtopiRead More →

I’ll be livestreaming tonight at 8pm EDT (I will start at 7pm EDT if I can finish up work earlier today) This livestream will be a continuation of Sim Story staging from a less technical angle. We’ll be discussing style and composition. I doubt that this will take very long. If there’s time and interest afterwards, we can do more about sims 2 posing.  Keep an eye on my tumblr or twitter for updates.  Livestream.com/simtopi Read More →