Tomorrow night at about 6pm EDT (10pm GMT) I’ll be livestreaming my process for setting up a story scene for Sims 2. I’ll be going over set staging, posing, lighting and picture composition.  Maybe someone might pick up a tip or two and hopefully I’ll learn something new from the viewers too!   Please let me know in advance if there’s anything you’d like me to cover, as I need a to do a little bit of prep work and my game can load slow. XD  Hope to see you then! More →

I think I should be on track to Livestream my game starting at 8pm EST tonight. I’ll be attempting a tour of the neighbourhood and maybe some sets and lots (depending on how my game holds up :p).  You can RSVP on my channel now. ^_^  Hopefully you’ll join me. Chatroom is open, BYOB. Yup. Read More →